How to do the thesis step by step and how to sustain it

Do you want to elaborate your thesis and do not know where to start? Here we bring you an online course where you will learn how to complete and sustain the thesis, saving time and money with this virtual training that will explain step by step how to prepare your thesis from scratch. The course was created by Rosario Martínez Gonzales, a psychologist by profession with a specialty in Marketing from the Graduate School of the UPC (University of Applied Sciences).

What is the course about?

In the course “How to do the thesis step by step and how to sustain it” you will find the way to elaborate each part of the thesis, from the choice of topic to the preparation of the sustentation.

The difference that this course has is the didactic way of explaining, that makes everything simpler, the sample of examples and, above all, the preparation of the material that is needed for the sustenance, the typical questions that members of the jury and the expected development in that important moment of life.

How long will I finish the course?

You can finish the course in less than a week. But remember that the goal is to do your thesis as you see the classes. The course consists of 4.5 hours in video divided into short videos that will teach you to develop each part of your thesis. You also access 62 complementary resources.

Who is it for?

Professionals who need to graduate soon from graduates, masters or doctors, through a thesis that allows to do it with excellence and unanimity.

Undergraduate and post-graduate university students.