How long does it take to do a thesis?

Extend the time of completion of the thesis

This question, which many students ask, can change their response very quickly. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to extend the time of completion of the thesis until the limit is reached, at the risk of throwing overboard all the study time invested during the university career.

Although there is no time frame that we can determine, if we can give you our recommendations about it.

First of all, there are a number of variables that can influence the time it takes to develop a thesis. One of them is the disposition of the thesis student, that is, your motivation to undertake the research. On numerous occasions students make the serious mistake of letting time pass and underestimating the effort involved in doing a degree job. We have heard “I feel and I do the thesis in a month or in three months”. In short, nothing remains but to predict the resounding failure of such a claim. In addition, doing the thesis is nothing more than sitting in front of the computer and writing. First you have to think, research, read a lot and look for data, before you have something to write.

Other situations that may condition the time it takes to do the thesis, is access to sources of information. A single book can delay the process a lot, for that reason before beginning we must make sure that we have all the necessary materials.

The availability of the tutor is another variable to consider. Few are the universities that pay teachers for giving tutorials. He thinks that many of them must give several classes, sometimes in different institutes, he adds giving tutorials to a lot of students without additional pay. You can imagine, then, the time it really takes to advise thesis. However, if you show responsibility and commitment, surely your tutor will see you with better eyes and will give you more attention. Now, if despite your interest, you can not get your tutor to respond and that affects the progress of your thesis, the most appropriate is to request a change of professor.

In any case, if you have the impulse, you have materials, sources and so on, you also have a motivated tutor, your thesis will not take you less than six months. Not a month, not three months. Academic, scientific, serious and approachable work requires time.

The only way to do the thesis in less than six months is to dedicate yourself entirely to the thesis, with a minimum of 6/8 hours of daily work. Even if you could do it, your job would probably not be so good and it is likely that for the defense you have many problems.

To achieve a thesis in record time is necessary to be an experienced researcher, with years of specialized reading and professional development. An undergraduate student does not have that experience and has to collect information for the thesis from scratch. Six months is a short time if all the steps that must be taken are analyzed, but it is a sufficient period of time if one works constantly.

On the other hand, a thesis should not take more than three years, since it is a long enough time for a degree job. If a thesis takes a long time it can mean that the research topic is very broad or is more complex than the student can perform. Another possibility is that the student has been inconsistent with the thesis, has abandoned its development for several periods and the way that goes will never graduate.

Do not let time pass, take into account our recommendations and do your thesis on time.